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Willkommen zu meinem Referenzen und Online-Shop!

My name is Gisela Luz. I'm from Lisbon, currently living in Germany.

I'm an illustrator who loves children illustration. Since I have a scientific education, I'm also passionate about scientific illustration! (

My working techniques are watercolors and digital illustration.

I'm on a secret mission to change the world with the tender images that I create. I also love to write stories, especially children stories and interesting scientific facts!

I created the brand Around the Story in 2012 and, since then, I've been developing customized books and illustrations among other projects. The character of the brand is called Carmen and she is a sweet modern version of little red riding hood. You can find many lovely illustrated products on the Online-Shop!

If you have something to say feel free to write me an e-mail: or fill the form below!

I'll also be happy if you follow me on Instagram (english) or Facebook (portuguese)!

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